2024 East Washington Dollars for Scholars


Eastern High School graduates can apply and receive scholarship funds for a total of four years.  Please make sure to apply if you are still attending college and have years available.



3rd Annual Cope Scholarship Fundraiser in full swing! 

That time of year again!  Time to open your pockets to help 2024 Eastern High School graduates pursue their college dreams.  Bill Cope was a teacher at East Washington at the high school and junior high level.  He left a huge impact on all his students, and is remembered fondly by all those he was around.  This scholarship started in 1997 after his death, and has provided more than 27 students with funds to continue their education.

We can't continue doing this without your support.  You can donate online by clicking the blue donate button on the right of this page.  You can also donate by mailing at check to:  Eastern High School,  ATTN: Kelly McCormick,  1100 N Eastern School Rd  Pekin, IN  47165.  Donations will be accepted until February 10th.

Thank you for keeping Bill's memory alive and supporting our desire to provide money for the wonderful students at Eastern High School.


Bill Cope Family and DFS Board